Using grey in your home

Grey is not the most heartwarming color there is; in fact it can sometimes look boring and dull but it is not the case.

Grey can in fact, if used properly, add warmth to your home through some basic ideas.

Using grey in your home

Grey if teamed with other colors can always be good; it is a neutral color much more neutral than black or white.  You can team grey with pastel colors or with darker colors to create a soothing or dramatic effect in the whole house.

You can use grey as a roof color; I am not overly fond of it as a paint color for the exterior walls because it is somehow a little bit tern but if you use it may be on the exterior and then add a colorful red or blue or even match it to black.

It is always important to remember that grey is a color that you must match with another color; going all grey will have the wrong impact on people making for a very boring look.

Using grey in your home

On the inside you can use grey and white to create a monochromic look that will be very sleek and urban; you can accessorize a room in monochrome grey and white with black furniture; it will be very urban because those three colors are neutral but go fairly well together.

Eventually you may accent on the grey but place elegant black wall stickers to make for subtlety and be impactful at the same time.  You can also use grey with red or yellow in the kitchen; it will be a color blocking that is very soft and not as funky as red and yellow for example but will give more warmth to the room.

Using grey in your home

If not you can opt for the industrial look where you team grey to stainless steel.  Don’t worry about being gauche with grey.  You can never be wrong because grey goes with everything.

Furniture in grey are very rare but if you want to soften the impact of a bright room, you can use a rug in dove grey to bring femininity to the room.

In fact grey is mostly used to create a more urban and sleek look; if you are more an eclectic person you may want to avoid grey except if you find something that is out of ordinary grey.

Therefore, don’t be afraid go all the fifty shades of grey J

Using grey in your home

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