Top 4 Kitchen Lights

Top 4 Kitchen Lights for Better and Brighter Illumination

Studies show that as people grow older; their eyes become more sensitive to glare and yet require as much brightness. A 60-year old person, for example, would need twice as much light as a 30-year old. So, if you feel like it is time to do a lighting overhaul, you must consider your needs first before you select lamps, sconces, chandeliers and the like. To ensure that the fixtures you choose would meet your requirements and then help you complete your tasks with ease, you need to keep certain pointers in mind.Top 4 Kitchen Lights First off, you need to devise a plan for your lighting system and the strategic placement of bulbs. You need to determine which part of your kitchen would need the most illumination and the number of fixtures needed to achieve just the right amount of brightness. On work areas, for instance, you may need to add task or recessed lights, depending on the location of the counter. If it is below the cupboards, then you must install under-cabinet lighting, as relying on overhead lamps alone would cast shadows on worktops.

Also, you must think about the funds needed to upgrade the lighting system. Although energy-efficient bulbs are aplenty, some of them can be quite expensive, based on a variety of factors such as wattage and decorative covering, if there are any. Plus, you need to include in your project estimate the labor fees of professional electricians. It is imperative that you do not risk a DIY project where electricity is involved.

To help you make a right choice, you should familiarize the top 4 kitchen lights.


This refers to the overall or general illumination in the room that comes from all directions and is the opposite of directional lighting. It usually does not have a visible source, but radiates a comfortable level of brightness nonetheless. It lights your path without causing too much glare. And, in most cases, it serves as the primary source of light. Top 4 Kitchen Lights One good example of this are recessed fixtures. Ambient lighting is also achieved using chandeliers, track lights, and other lamps attached to walls and ceilings.


Unlike the previous type of illumination, this is usually focused on certain areas in the kitchen, particularly the work spaces. As the name suggests, it is designed to get your job done without having to squint or go about it blindly. For that reason, task lights must be bright enough to allow you to cook food or read mails.

Such illumination can be provided by under-cabinet, pendant, recessed, and track lighting. Desk lamps will also do the trick, but it would definitely look out of place in the cooking hub. When installing task fixtures, it must be free of shadows and distracting glare.


It is called as such because it highlights certain features in the culinary nook. Among the top 4 kitchen lights, this adds drama and visual interest to any room. If you want to draw attention to a focal wall, for instance, you should install accent lights right above it. The same thing should be done if you want to highlight an ornate or decorative backsplash. For this to be effective, fixtures must be thrice as bright as the ambient illumination.

Now, there are various sources for accent lightning, such as…

  • Pucks. These are bright individual bulbs that give off a cone-shaped glow. These come in various sizes and are mostly easy to install, whether under the cupboard or on walls.
  • Tracks. These are probably the most versatile option as these can double as task or ambient lighting, depending on the placement and direction of illumination. Unlike pucks, there are a number of fixtures attached on a continuous track device instead of individually.Top 4 Kitchen Lights
  • LED Strips. When installed at ceiling or toe-kick level, they can accentuate decorative moldings. They are perfect as mood lighting during parties or when you are entertaining in the kitchen.

Fixtures that are built into open shelves or glass-fronted cabinets also make a great source for accent lighting.


This type of illumination is somewhat similar to accent lights except that they create an atmosphere for relaxing and parties. An excellent example of this are colored LED bulbs that will definitely give the first impression of fun and excitement the moment you step inside the room. In the kitchen, however, adding a dimmer would definitely change the mood from busy to relaxing.

Regardless of which fixtures you use, whether two or more combinations, there should be strong, bright, and focused lights over counters and other work surfaces. Shields or diffusers must be added as well, especially if there is a need to reduce glare. Also, in choosing bulbs, you need to ensure that they will show colors accurately. When turned on, you should see the red on the rug or the yellow on the tablecloth as you would under natural light. And, as part of an effective lighting plan, you must have easy access to switches and fixtures for maintenance and safety purposes.

In line with the last requirement, you must ensure that the bulbs you purchase have undergone rigorous testing during the manufacturing phase and before they hit the market. So check for the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certification mark before you buy anything. Some of the bulbs that you can choose from are halogen, xenon, fluorescent tubes, and energy-efficient LED.

The switches must be installed at the kitchen entryways as well to prevent injuries brought on by an unlit cooking hub. Instead of the standard toggle switches, however, you should use motion-sensitive controls or the soft-touch kind. That way, you would not have to grope in the dark if you come home with an armful of grocery bags. Top 4 Kitchen Lights Most importantly, you must follow the local codes designed for lighting system. The best way to do that is to hire a licensed electrician to install the switches. While doing so can cost you money, it is safer than doing the work all by yourself. In general, what you must avoid is placing the switch at extremes (too high and too low), hard-to-reach places, and within splashing distance.

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