The essentials of an outdoor cooking area

The essentials of an outdoor cooking area

The essentials of an outdoor cooking area

If you often host barbecue parties, or if you simply like to cook in open air, then you might want to install an outdoor cooking area. This space is also great for throwing garden parties, or simply to receive guests on a warm summer night.

So, it’s important to properly decorate and furnish your cooking area, especially if you’re planning on doing some entertaining. Read on to learn essentials of an outdoor cooking area.

Carefully choose your space

You can’t create an outdoor cooking area just about anywhere. For instance, it might be quite tempting to grill your steaks right next to the swimming pool, but the truth is that it would be an extremely impractical thing to do. The last thing you want is someone diving in the pool and splashing chlorinated water all over your food.

So, be sure to choose somewhere that’s not too close to the water. It’s also best to go for a covered place to protect your guests from the rain and the wind.

The essentials of an outdoor cooking area

You should also consider if you want your eating space to be right next to the cooking area. In that case, you will also need to invest in some garden furniture.


Steer clear of expensive furniture if you plan on adding some seating options to your cooking area. Mahogany, rosewood, oak and the likes are not at all weather resistant and they will only end up battered and ruined by the weather.

So, try to buy some chairs and maybe even a coffee table in the following materials: wicker, rattan, cast iron, wrought iron and cast iron. These are not only extremely weather resistant, but they run much cheaper than other materials.

The essentials of an outdoor cooking area

If your budget is really, really tight, you can always go for a nice set of plastic furniture. The only con to this type of material is that it’s quite light and can easily get blown away if you live in a windy area. Bench seating is another great way to save up on your outdoor furniture since you won’t have to purchase several chairs to seat all your guests.

You can also consider a kitchen cart or a rolling kitchen island for your outdoor cooking area. 


Of course, no outdoor cooking area would be complete without some decent light fixtures. The good news is that most stores carry a wide variety of fixtures, so, you’ll definitely find something that matches your personal taste and your budget.

The best fixtures for your outdoor cooking area include garden lanterns, solar lights, Tiki torches, and LED spot lights.

The essentials of an outdoor cooking area

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