Silver Kitchen Ideas

Silver kitchen ideas — The color silver can be used as a primary color of modern kitchen. It can create a futuristic impression because of it. We’ve known that the silver color is often found in many modern kitchens. Silver color was usually applied to some or all of the kitchen set. These shades can be gotten with the use of stainless steel. In the photo, shades of silver are presented in the kitchen appliances. Starting from the fridge, oven, microwave, and cooker hood.


silver kitchen ideas



silver kitchen cabinets


This silver kitchen ideas concepts is often associated with modern lifestyles. Not only because of the devices used in them, but also because of their function. The existence of the bar, is useful as a food processing area as well as eating food. This concept is in accordance with the modern life of the very practical. However, the futuristic look of the all-silver color, gives a stiff and cold feeling. To compensate, you can be apply warm colors as a companion. The kitchen in this photo combines silver with brown wood. You can see from the use of the layer patterned parquet and wood for kitchen cabinets and drawers set.


silver brown kitchen


The brown wood that tends to warm, should soften the cold impression of a silvery color. Warm colors can invite people to spend more time in the kitchen, and do some kitchen activity happily. Instead, the cold impression can make people reluctant to spend more time in the kitchen. Therefore, the combination of silver and brown color from wood can be used as a futuristic kitchen display. This color combination can give a modern and elegant impression. You can try it with your kitchen. Note the detail of the kitchen appliances too. Enjoy your time with your silver kitchen ideas.

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