rustic kitchen backsplash

If your kitchen design is on the rustic side, a common ceramic tile kitchen backsplash probably won’t blend well with the rest of the decor.

The rustic design style features as many raw materials as possible, using timber furniture, unsaturated colors and details that echo the warmth and wear of a log cabin. A rustic kitchen should feature appliances that look somewhat antique and are accented with elements from the outdoors, from pine cones and willow branches to leather and wool. rustic kitchen backsplash is a focal point, and several elements complement the rustic look rather than detract from it.

rustic kitchen backsplash

Terra-cotta Tiles

Terra-cotta tiles complement rustic kitchen décor with neutral shades and an earthenware look. Choose terra-cotta tiles for a rustic kitchen backsplash, and liven it up with hand-painted details available at many designer tile and accessory stores. Use terrra-cotta tiles in a mosaic pattern to blend earthenware colors with more traditional rustic décor colors, such as cobalt blue, dark green and gold.

Copper Patina

Rubbed metal gives a rustic kitchen enough shine to look sleek, but, because it is buffed, the metal tiles don’t give a modern appearance like shiny metal does. Copper provides a warm glow as opposed to the cool tones of tin or aluminum, perfect for the kitchen. Choose a copper or bronze tint to match any copper pots, faucets or other accessories in the rustic kitchen.

rustic kitchen backsplash Copper Patina

Soapstone Slabs

Bring the rustic look of veined soapstone into the kitchen with a soapstone backsplash. This soft, warm stone comes in a range of colors, from charcoal black to light gray, with softer streaks throughout the stone slabs. It is easily cut and holds warmth for hours. Care and maintenance is little more than rubbing the slabs with mineral oil occasionally. For a cohesive look to your rustic kitchen, consider soapstone countertops and matching backsplash.

Cork Panels

With a dappled brown surface and rugged durability, cork backsplashes fit right in with a rustic kitchen’s looks. Once cork tiles are coated with a polyurethane finish, the backsplash is durable and waterproof. Note that cork can wear down over time and may not be as long lasting as some other rustic kitchen backsplash options, but because the rustic look embraces worn-looking design features, cork may provide the one-of-a-kind impact you are looking for.

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