Natural Light Maximized Kitchen Designs

Features of Natural Light Maximized Kitchen Designs

Are you looking for ways to lower power consumption at home? If your utility bills are shooting to the roof, then you should find ways to make your house energy efficient. One very effective method that you can use is to take advantage of natural resources as much as possible. Among your options though, sunlight happens to be the most accessible. With that in mind, you should renovate your dwelling accordingly, starting with the cooking area. What makes up natural light maximized kitchen designs?

Natural Light Maximized Kitchen Designs


They should be installed wherever possible because they can be the only source of sunlight in the cooking area. This is especially true if the room is located next to high walls or fences. In deciding where to add such fixtures, you should consider the view they will open to and the materials to be used. Keep in mind that during the cold months, windows has to be draft-proof in order to stay energy-efficient. But as a rule of thumb, the best orientation is facing north because the UV rays only move on that direction early morning or late afternoon in the summer months.

Work Areas

The sink, chopping desk, and the like should be situated close to the light source. By doing so, you will not have to turn on lamps, task lights, or other fixtures when preparing meals at daytime. Not only will this lower electricity bills, but lessen environmental impact as well.

Natural Light Maximized Kitchen Designs


If by sheer bad luck adding windows to adopt natural light maximized kitchen designs is impossible, then you should have a skylight built instead. This is a practical way of illuminating small rooms, dark corners, or hallways. However, to minimize heat flow, it must be shaded at midday and covered at night during the warm season.


A mirror reflects sunlight, making any room look bright. It also makes a great wall accent, especially if it has a decorative frame. Thin, light-colored curtains, on the other hand, will allow light to pass through and provide privacy at night. Reflective home accessories, such as shiny vases, hammered metal bowls, or porcelain lights, will also add radiance to the cooking hub.

Natural Light Maximized Kitchen Designs

Lastly, paint the interior walls in pale shades or white. If you prefer dark colors, then opt for the glossy kind as it will reflect sunlight as well. With these features in mind, your house will embrace the natural light maximized kitchen designs.

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