Modern Oriental Living Room

Modern oriental living room — Modern and oriental are not two opposing style, nor style in line. Blending both of style never been imagined. If it success, the combination both of them is very catchy. Well, most people feel less confident to try new and unusual thing, when dressing room. Though, there’s a lot of creativity to produce interesting displays, when applied. Combines two different styles, in one room, for example. Some of us will probably wince when hear this idea.

Don’t imagine the result before trying. What we think often much different from its reality. Similarly, the color blends. One of reasonable fear. Well, to be more confident, you can take a look the references from media or internet. You can get an modern and oriental living room interior design, by these following ways. Choose white or black sofa. White and black colors represent the modern atmosphere. And you can get oriental style by putting the oriental themed paintings on the walls, urns, statues, or oriental design wallpapers like twigs and flowers.

You can also present oriental style by putting a very low sofa that parallel to the floor. Wood floor could be an alternative oriental style for your living room. As in the following figure. A painting kanji written large at one wall of the living room and painted red as the background. Two kinds of white sofa, the one is sofa with backrest, the other is sofa pad just like the pillow. Here, in white, modern style created. You can also bring the standing lamp as a complement to your living room. Or you can bring a timber partition with oriental motif for your modern oriental living room.

Combination of those two styles look pretty, right? In addition, your living room look different and interesting. So do not underestimate any idea that comes to mind. It is precisely when unsual things, often provide interesting surprises. Good luck! — modern oriental living room.

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