modern kitchen backsplash

modern kitchen backsplash provides sharp lines and sleek designs to help give the room an up-to-date style. Stone, ceramic, glass or metal, any backsplash material can work with a trendy modern design. The only drawback to a modern theme is that the results can sometimes appear cold and sterile. For the best results, try to combine interesting textures and multiple colors in the overall design to keep the backsplash modern yet inviting.

Frosted Glass
Simple frosted glass tiles create a light, clean look that helps brighten up a dark or cramped kitchen. A backsplash consisting of thin, rectangular, white frosted glass tiles provides a crisp background for displaying plates or bowls on the counter. A backsplash consisting of square frosted glass tiles in white, light green and cream provides a warm and soothing background.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Monochromatic Mirrors
Monochromatic designs use different shades of a single color, such as pink and burgundy for a red monochromatic selection. Small tiles with a mirror finish add depth and shine to a monochromatic backsplash design. The subtle design and shine turn even the tiniest backsplash into a piece of modern art. This modern kitchen backsplash consisting of small, mirror-finished square tiles in black, dark gray, light gray and white provides a classic modern style. A backsplash of royal purple, purple, light purple and pale purple provides a funky, modern style.

Ring Painted
Hand paint ring designs on bland white tiles to create a unique modern backsplash. Each tile consists of a subtle dark hue painted across the top, such as dusty blue. Three painted rings, small to large, in light dusty blue provide a subtle pattern over the painted tile. Backsplash combinations can include dusty blue with light dusty blue, jade green with light jade green, and dusty rose with light rose.

Subtle Slate
Assorted colors of slate tile form a kitchen backsplash with a sleek, random pattern. Large, tightly fitted, rectangular slate tiles in light gray, gray-blue and gray-brown provide subtle hues and interesting texture for the backsplash. Tiny, square, gray-blue slate tiles create a thin trim along the top of the backsplash for a sharp finishing line.

modern kitchen backsplash

Subway Blues
Subway tiles are simple, rectangular, 3-by-6-inch tiles used for subway walls. No matter what color combination you use, the sharp silhouette of each tile makes the design appear crisp and finished. Balance the rigid tile shapes with soft colors to create a modern kitchen backsplash with a cheerful feel. Light aqua blue, light baby blue, light gray and off-white ceramic tiles form a random pattern that provides both energetic and calming hues.

Modern Kitchen Backsplash

Slumped Glass
Slumped glass is red-hot glass that is poured into a form so that ripples, swirls or other interesting textures develop on the hard surface. The unique textured glass is available in small tiles and large panels. A single panel of periwinkle slumped glass with a rippled surface creates a cheerful and sleek kitchen backsplash. Several square panels of amber slumped glass with a swirled surface create a rich, refined modern kitchen backsplash.

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