Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

The allure of Mediterranean style kitchens mainly lie in the spacious, airy feeling that this décor brings to your home. Indeed, this kitchen design is extremely popular among home owners, particularly due to its attractive and welcoming feel. They also hint at a rustic atmosphere and this really does enhance the coziness and warmth of your overall home décor.

Best of all, you don’t have to make too many changes to create your own Mediterranean style kitchen. All you need is some creativity, a couple of new accents and accessories and some fresh licks of paint. Since this décor also brings a tropical feel to mind, you should also invest in some potted plants.

Exotic window treatments

Forget about large, heavy drapes for your kitchen window. Instead, it’s better to go for white wooden blinds or shutters, matchstick blinds or any treatment made from raw silk, bamboo shades and cotton. Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Feel free to add some white, gauzy, floor length curtains to your Mediterranean kitchen for an extra touch of class.Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Classy appliances

To enhance your kitchen, you should also try to go for elegant-looking kitchen appliances. So, your best options are shiny stainless steel or raven black fixtures since these will bring a more polished look to the room.

And of course, if you have a kitchen counter, don’t hesitate to display some large bowls of fruits and vegetables for a pronounced tropical atmosphere.Mediterranean-Style Kitchens


Mediterranean style kitchens are reputed for their excellent blend of elegance with exoticism. So, steer clear of overly elegant furniture such as mahogany, light wood and oak. If you want, you can go for dark wooden cabinets, but make sure that they have a glossy and polished finish. These look quite sophisticated and elegant in any kitchen.

Then, you can break through the elegance and formality by adding some tropical furniture such as wicker, rattan and cast iron. For instance, if your cabinets are built from mahogany or rosewood, you can choose a rattan kitchen table, chairs or counter stools. Such touches will bring warmth and coziness to your Mediterranean style kitchen.

Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Mediterranean accents

A beautiful spice or herb garden on your windowsill will definitely enhance the Mediterranean theme of your kitchen. Don’t hesitate to grow your plants in a matching set of old-fashioned porcelain teacups for a more elegant look. Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Large, colorful bouquets of fresh flowers are never going to look out of place in your Mediterranean kitchen.Mediterranean-Style Kitchens

Colored glass or crystal ornaments will also beautify the room while bringing a distinct sophisticated atmosphere to your kitchen.

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