Low Cabinet Design

Low cabinet design — Kitchen design does not have to follow a common standard. You can customize the form as needed. As this low-designed with lots of openings. Clean kitchen will make cooking passion has always arise. Instead, the kitchen is dirty and smelly, make us more reluctant to make a dish. You can create a kitchen that bring out taste and easy cooking in the kitchen activity. So what should we do? you should not need to install a storage cabinet (cabinet) above, but below it.


low cabinet design



low cabinet with drawers


A practical design and extremely helpful for those of you who have little body. With storage cupboard below, you will not be bothered to take the kitchen. In fact, so faster cooking activity. Under cabinet consists of a number of cabinet with multiple drawers. Cabinets are used to hide a large kitchen appliances, dishes, and glasses. Drawers for storing spoons, forks, napkins and place mats. While the work table, you can use for serving food and as a place to display your favorite dishes. Impressive low cabinet design neat and concise.


low cabinet with doors


Just one thing about the cabinet. It is also important is the division of the area are telling. The kitchen is divided into two areas. Arm that serves as a cooking area and some area stores. Other arm is used as an area serving food and storing tableware and cooking. The compact kitchen design can be integrated with the dining room. Nothing like a solid wall boundary. Indeed, with no cabinet above, so it needs more land. But you is not no more profit. Without cabinet above the kitchen you have a lot of openings. That is why, this kitchen looks fresh, comfortable, and odorless. Almost all of the outer wall of glass windows added — low cabinet design.


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