Kitchen Set Minimalis Modern Design

The kitchen is a room that should be in our house because the house to the kitchen for cooking activities – cooking for the whole family. With the development of community kitchens started to change. Previously, in general, shared kitchen clean and dirty kitchen, and it is located separately from the main building is located in the corner or at home the impression that the food is just as good, if a customer or from the outside because the kitchen was dirty and messy. A Kitchen set minimalis modern, we know that there are two kinds of cooking is clean and dirty kitchen, where the two have different functions, which only serves to clean the kitchen while cooking dirty food for work activities , which may actually be the kitchen. But now, since the requirements and needs of home design is a little country, a dirty kitchen and clean the kitchen together, we often call this pantry.Hal kitchen in need of a good and well designed so that the views magnificent, functional, safe, healthy and comfortable. We can say that the demands of life today makes the kitchen a room that can act as Ganda, not only a place to cook, but also a place to receive guests, especially for customers who been near us .. Various factors that may influence the design of a kitchen in our house, such as lying on the kitchen, kitchen layout, Kitchen set minimalis modern and materials used.
kitchen set minimalis modern 2012
1. Lie on your kitchen in the house is placed in the area for air circulation, and the lighting is good, so that later we will create a comfortable and healthy cooking.

* For air circulation is good planning of the position alongside the kitchen should open area, such as parks. As the smell Bauan do not want, which can easily spread into the air. It can also prevent the gas leak fire tubes, because the gas can easily diffuse into the atmosphere. When a station receives the kitchen to the natural circulation of air may be used or the ventilation hood, a number of markets.
* Light can kill good bacteria and germs in the kitchen, then the position must have a kitchen window or in parallel with an open space so that the sun can brighten the kitchen cooking. If it is not possible to get a side of light, natural light can be derived from lighting up for example in the kitchen of a number of transparant ceiling so that light can be The kitchen floor
Kitchen set minimalis modern
* to be equal to or greater than about 3 cm, 5 cm in the surrounding space is easier, since the dirt is determined and treated in a kitchen cooking residue. The materials selected surface materials are easy to maintain.
* The station should be corrected in the cooking habits of the owner’s house. When homeowners are happy to invite some friends and cooking are presented directly to the kitchen near the dining room / living room, a table or a mini bar in the kitchen.
design kitchen set minimalis modern
2. The Kitchen set minimalis modern design is a different provision, which depends on the activities and needs of owners and the availability of space in the house. The circuit model is intended to help with the comfortable and functional. In determining an appropriate model for the activities we can do to your workflow. The workflow is cooking habits well (washing), cooking facilities and refrigerator. The currents of these we obtain the appearance of the kitchen.

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