Kitchen Lighting Layout

Kitchen Lighting Layout that Makes a Difference

Contrary to what some people believe, illuminating the kitchen isn’t just a one-chandelier affair. Regardless of how grand and bright it looks like, it would still be insufficient in other areas of the cooking area where the light does not reach. Ideally, the kitchen must have one light over the counter, another one for the dining room—preferably bigger and brighter, and a smaller one in the breakfast nook. In other words, there must be a combination of bulbs and lamps to make the heart of the home well-lit and efficient. But how do you achieve that exactly?Kitchen Lighting Layout  Well, this where kitchen lighting layout comes in. This is the part where you make a plan as to how, what, and where a bulb or lamp will be installed in the cooking area. It is also at this point when you need to think about what other accessories to add to further enhance the lights, such as incorporating a ceiling fan with a track lighting, not only for added appeal, but ventilation as well.

To ensure that you avoid any lighting layout mistakes, take note of the following tips:

  • Keep glare to a minimum. The ultimate goal, really, is not to have any glare errors at all. But you may be unable to light up every corner of the kitchen, so you might as well keep it less. The best way to do that is to mix a variety of bulbs and lamps—a chandelier over the dining area and track lighting over the kitchen island.

Kitchen Lighting Layout


  • Layer different source of lighting. Task lighting, for instance, is called as such because it is best used on workspaces and counters where ample illumination is needed. You would not risk cutting your fingers because there is very little light that you can rely on. Ambient lighting, on the other hand, is more on adding appeal to the kitchen but just as useful. Then there is also accent and decorative lighting.

Kitchen Lighting Layout


  • Have a dimmer installed. All bright and clear may be what you need when preparing food, but dim lights are what you need when lingering at the table while making small talks. Make sure every type of lighting has a separate dimmer, so you can instantly create a great ambiance in wherever part of the kitchen you may be.

Kitchen Lighting Layout

These tips are best carried out by lighting designer and installers, especially if the wiring has yet to be added and then connected to the power line. For a kitchen lighting layout that is perfect for your home, remember to use these pointers.

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