Kitchen Flooring Trends 2013

Kitchen Flooring Trends 2013: Let Surfaces Speak of Your Personality

It is a fact that the cooking hub is one of the high-traffic areas in the home. Unlike the bathroom or bedroom, its design must include considerations for effective workflow traffic, especially if more than one chef would be working in it. Emphasis is also given on the distance needed to create an ideal kitchen triangle. Such premise only shows that deciding on the type of flooring to use is not something to be taken lightly. What is more, your choice of material will reflect on the kind of homeowner that you are. You would not want to be perceived incorrectly, right?Kitchen Flooring Trends 2013 Now, in shopping for flooring components, there are three things that really matter: durability, low maintenance, and price.

  • It has to be sturdy enough to withstand the foot traffic it receives on a daily basis, not to mention, on those occasions when the amount of people moving about the cooking area would double or triple if you decide to entertain right inside the kitchen. You should also anticipate the possibility of dents and scratches, which are likely to leave a permanent mark on the floor. If only the surface would bounce back after a knife drops on it, right? Nonetheless, a material that can withstand a maximum amount of battering before it gives way is the best choice.
  • It has to be easy to take care of, especially if you are juggling between work and family. A surface that does not require much, except for a quick wipe with a damp cloth, will be most ideal. And even if you need to have it professionally cleaned once in a while, or re-sealed once a year, it is still considered low maintenance. However, if stains are hard to remove and moisture seeps right through it, then you are up against long, extensive maintenance work. Are you up for the demands of such flooring materials?
  • It has to be inexpensive yet superior in quality. Contrary to what most people believe, high cost and high quality does do not always go together even if it is true in some cases. Cork, for instance, is affordable and yet eco-friendly. It may have its share of disadvantages but there are more advantages to be gained from it.

What about appearance and finish then? While your choice depends on your preference, you may want to make a decision based on the design and existing accessories in the kitchen. Know that the flooring material should tie up all the components within the cooking hub. If you opt for an open floor plan, for example, you may want to pick a material that will match the rest of the house, or does not make a jarring contrast. Kitchen Flooring Trends 2013

Bearing that in mind, it is time to choose an item that will suit your needs and personal taste. Apart from kitchen flooring trends 2013, products which have always been a favorite among homeowners are included on the list below.


This component is considered as the equivalent of the little black dress in fashion. Not only is it versatile, but it can be matched effortlessly with just about any shade and texture on walls and counters. If you want to create a classic and sophisticated look, this is the material to use. It is also highly recommended for an open floor plan cooking hub. What is the catch? It is quite vulnerable to the damaging effects of careless human activities. Scratch, dents, stains, and cracks are almost always expected. This means if a few members of your household are young, restless, and accident prone, you may want to use other flooring options. Kitchen Flooring Trends 2013


It may not be the antithesis of hardwood, but it does make up for the shortcomings of the said material. Laminate is impervious to damage where hardwood is not. Apart from dents and scratches, it is resistant to moisture as well. On top of that, it is also economical and eco-friendly. Some people, however, would say that it is noisy and way too simple and plain. But what do you think? It just might be suitable to your taste.


This is just as sustainable as linoleum, and is fast-becoming a favorite to homeowners who wish to create a green cooking hub. It is also one of the flooring trends in 2013 because of its many amazing features. Did you know that it has natural antimicrobial properties, which makes it a great choice for a highly sanitized and hygienic cooking hub? Whether it is used on the floors or on counters, you are assured of a clean surface. And, if linoleum is thought of as noisy, cork absorbs ambient sound. Moreover, it is durable, soft underfoot, moisture-resistant, and is designed to be slip-resistant.

In terms of maintenance though, it requires the same level of care as hardwood and must be treated with a sealant every 3 to 4 years. Well, it is not all that bad, right? The advantages of cork still outweigh the disadvantages.


As long as you use top-quality sheets, this flooring material can be at par with the other items listed above. It also offers more variety as you can choose between regular and cushioned vinyl. The highlight of this flooring is that keeping it clean may be done in a snap. It is, after all, resistant to stains and moisture, two of the toughest enemies for any homeowner. As an added bonus, its top surface helps resist scuff marks and scratches. If there are children around the house, you will never go wrong with this kind of flooring.

Kitchen Flooring Trends 2013

In addition to these, you can also use tiles, bamboo, concrete, and marble, among others. Each of these choices has pros and cons, which is why you must choose wisely. To help narrow down your options, know your budget and the activities that usually normally happens in the cooking area. However, if you really want to follow the kitchen flooring trends 2013, you can choose from any sustainable materials: linoleum, cork, or bamboo.

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