Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas to Use on Your Next Renovation Project

Remodeling any part of the house almost always requires a certain amount of money, but not all of the work required is too expensive to start and then finish. In fact, there are renovations that are simple enough even you can do them. One good example is a new paint job. All you need is a brush or sprayer, depending on the kind of acrylic that you buy. There is something even simpler though and that is replacing the pulls of kitchen cabinets. While this kind of work requires less effort compared to tearing down the walls or installing electrical utilities, proper planning would still make a huge difference. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

What are some of the kitchen cabinet hardware ideas that you can do then?

  • Decide on the look that you want to create. Do you want the theme to be contrasting or concurrent? The former means you choose hardware with finishes that are different from the cabinet face, while the latter is the exact opposite. If you go for the last option, you would have to familiarize the combination that would complement each other. Chrome, for example, can be mixed with brushed nickel, while oil rubbed bronze is best paired with brass. Other finishes you may have to consider are aluminum, brushed brass, brushed pewter, cadmium, copper, and iron, among others. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas


  • Choose a design that suits the theme. Say you wanted a contrasting look in your kitchen. Your next concern would be the design of the pulls. Yes, they do come in various styles and sizes, some of which suit a particular kitchen layout. Tubular or rectangular pulls, for instance, provide that sleek and streamline look to a contemporary cabinet. Items with antique design, on the other hand, go well with a traditional or European-inspired kitchen. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas
  • Consider the finish on the appliances. If you are looking for the quickest way to choose the ideal pulls, get inspiration from the handles of your appliances. If they are made of stainless steel, you can’t go wrong with choosing a similar type. Doing so would even give the cooking hub that clean and streamlined appearance. Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas


Also, if the hinges of the cabinets are exposed, make sure that they share the same finish as the pulls for an even more cohesive look. Now that you have fail-proof kitchen cabinet hardware ideas, you should start shopping for the right materials. Once you have everything you need, you can then upgrade your home interior the cost-effective and stress-free way.

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