Kitchen Appliances in 2013

What’s Cooking with Kitchen Appliances in 2013

Technology makes people’s lives easier and more convenient. Innovations, however, take existing gadgets and ideas to greater and better heights. Because such changes are inevitable, you can expect that most appliances at home, in the office, or just about anywhere would go through various stages of evolution. As an avid fan of cooking, this spells good news. That is because whatever feature the refrigerator, toaster, coffee maker, or food processor lacks now, can be added or improved for the better.

So, as the year turns a new leaf, kitchen appliances in 2013 would take on a new style, appearance, and functions as well.

  • Better and Bigger Refrigerator

Have you ever heard of the Sub-Zero 648 PRO? It is a 48-inch built-in side by side fridge that comes with amazing features. Apart from the spill-proof glass shelves, ice maker, and freezer drawers, it also boasts of a dual refrigeration and auto-close hinge system. With its glass cover, it is one stainless steel appliance that will fit right in your modern kitchen without the need for added decoration. That is because the fresh produce and other contents that are visible, will provide the color and accent that the cooking hub needs. This also means that you must not let the fridge go empty. You should know that the Sub-Zero 648 PRO is not star qualified, which means it is not energy-efficient. However, it is Star-K certified.Kitchen Appliances in 2013 Not to worry though as there are other refrigerators in the market that have the same features and are likely to be star rated. They are bigger and better as well. Then again, your choice of cooling appliance depends on your needs and preferences.

  • Double Wall Oven

This kitchen equipment has been existent for quite some time and is showing no sign of fading into the background. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the fact that, with this vital cooking tool, no chef or homeowner has to bend over and strain his or her back when baking or preparing meals. Newer innovations have also made the double oven more spacious and easy to clean. Some products in the market have extra interior space, sleek and shiny stainless steel shell, and fully flush handle. Kitchen Appliances in 2013

  • Quiet Dishwasher

Don’t you just hate it when conversations get drowned out by the wheezing and buzzing sound that the dishwasher makes? The food processor you can forgive, as the appliance is used at the busiest moment where small talk is often impossible. The dishwasher, on the other hand, is usually turned on when dinner is over and you simply want to enjoy a glass of wine. So, having that distracting sound interfere with your reverie can be quite frustrating. Well, with the new model from Bosch, you can relish the tranquility of the kitchen, as it works to the optimum while keeping everything hush-hush.  Now, you do not have to disrupt anyone’s sleep or “me time” with this top-of-the-line quiet dishwasher.

  • Fancy Wine Storage

As you are probably aware, a modern cooking hub is more than just a place for preparing meals. It has now become a venue for entertaining and socializing as well. Whether or not you can afford to have a bar built, a wine storage should be part of your list of must-have kitchen appliances in 2013. Your best choice is a device from Electrolux that can easily fit in the island. What is really cool about this wine storage is that the control panel is hidden from view, giving it that simple and clean look. Kitchen Appliances in 2013


  • Warming Drawers

Save on electricity or gas with a warming drawer. With a place to store bread and keep them warm until it will be served, you do not have to re-heat it in the microwave oven, cutting down on power consumption in the process. Such devices may seem impractical for some homeowners, but you should consider the pros and cons that this appliance brings.

  • Decorative Range Hood

In 2013, range hood will be transformed from boring trapezoid-shaped equipment, to something funky and fancy. Some of them will be built with LED bulbs, making it more functional than ever. That is because it can double as a chandelier, especially when installed right above the kitchen island.

Other innovative gadgets that will make a buzz in 2013 also include a multi-featured stovetop and custom refrigerator, among others.

Should you decide to buy kitchen appliances in 2013 to replace old ones, you need to think about when to save or splurge. Even if you have the funds to purchase just about any equipment you fancy, choosing an item based on functionality is still the best way to shop.

As it happens, some features are purely cosmetic but can still affect the overall price of a particular item. So, unless you really need a red, stainless steel dishwasher, consider saving the old one. As long as it is still in good condition and consumes less amount of power, you do not need to replace it right away. However, if the electric range takes time to heat up and then cool down, you should splurge on an induction range. While you may have to invest on cast iron and stainless steel cookware to maximize the function of an induction cooktop, the reduced time to prepare meals will definitely make up for that.

There are instances, however, where you definitely need to splurge rather than save. When it comes to a water heater, you should not settle for anything less as hot water is vital to your daily activities. It is also unwise to buy the first item you see without doing any research on the kind of heating gadget that will work best for your kitchen.

Kitchen Appliances in 2013

 Whatever kitchen appliance you buy though, always go for energy-saving devices. Although they will cost more initially, you will be able to recoup what you have spent in the long run. With some electronics saving up to 40% energy, your utility bills will lessen significantly. What is more, you could be eligible for government grants or tax exemptions because of your green cooking hub. Now, where can you find the stamp of approval on such eco-friendly devices? Well, the energy star rating can be found on appliances, plumbing, as well as on heating and cooling systems.

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