How to have a light and airy kitchen

How to have a light and airy kitchen

How to have a light and airy kitchen

A light and airy kitchen will bring a comforting feel to every member of your household. Indeed, it’s very easy to create a spacious area where your entire family and sit back and relax.

And contrary to what many of us believe, you don’t need an overly large space to create an airy kitchen: with just a few simple accents and accessories, you can very easily trick the eye into believing that the kitchen is much bigger than it really is.

Place your appliances and furniture against the wall

The best way to save space and diffuse an illusion of airiness is to place all your furniture and kitchen appliances against the wall.  How to have a light and airy kitchen Of course, if you have a kitchen table, it’s more practical to center it, but  otherwise, tuck your refrigerator, oven, cabinets and your hob right against the wall.

Invest in an Island counter

If you can afford it, try to invest in an Island counter instead of a kitchen table. This fixture is highly practical and best of all, you can put up some barstools and have your meals right at the counter. This will definitely save space and make your kitchen look lighter and airier.

How to have a light and airy kitchen

And of course, you can also place several appliances (such as the microwave or the toaster oven) on the counter.

Pastel palette

A dark and red monochrome kitchen will certainly not make the space appear light and area. So, while decorating your kitchen, you should rather go for a pale and pastel palette and favor shades such as white, ivory, cream and ecru.

How to have a light and airy kitchen

You can also break up those pale colors by adding some hints of pale pink, aquamarine blue, light green or even a touch of very pale orange.

Accents and accessories

A light white voile or gauze curtain will instantly bring a light and airy feel to your kitchen. Steer clear of heavy draperies or dark, imposing wooden blinds because these tend to close up any space and bring a rather compact look to the room.

Don’t hesitate to invest in plenty of green potted plants and flowers as well.How to have a light and airy kitchen  The best plants to go for are ferns, potted lavender, roses, sunflowers, small bonsai and the likes. If you want, you can even start a mini garden right on your kitchen windowsill.

In that case, you might want to grow your plants, flowers or vegetables in old kitchen utensils. This will not only open up the space to bring a light and airy atmosphere to your kitchen, but it will also hint at a rustic design.

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