How to furnish and decorate the conservatory

How to furnish and decorate the conservatory

How to furnish and decorate the conservatory

Several home owners consider the conservatory as an additional living space in their house. Indeed, this room can be extremely useful and practical, particularly in terms of relaxing and entertaining. If your home is on the smaller side, a conservatory will instantly give the illusion of a bigger and airier space.

This room is often your one big retreat from the outside world and a place where you can put up your feet and relax. So, it’s a good idea to properly furnish and decorate your conservatory in order to turn it into a cozy and stylish area where you can lounge back with a magazine and any drink of your choice.

How to furnish and decorate the conservatory

Select the proper furniture

Conservatories are often equipped with lots of long and large windows to let plenty of sunlight in. So, you have to be extremely careful when you choose your furniture. Indeed, materials such as wood, mahogany, oak and the likes are not very resistant to the lasting damages of sunlight. Hence, it’s always better to furnish your conservatory with wicker, cast iron, wrought iron or even plastic furniture.

How to furnish and decorate the conservatory

Don’t go overly formal with the furnishing: bear in mind that the conservatory is firstly a place to relax, not to impress your guests. So, make sure that you choose the coziest furniture such as large couches, armchairs, an indoors swing or if you can afford it, a hanging cocoon chair.

Other than the seating options, you’ll also need a coffee table, or a couple of end tables to place your drinks, food, books, or any other such items. If you’re a book lover, don’t hesitate to place a small bookcase or shelf in the conservatory.

Cozy accents

You should absolutely accessorize your conservatory to make it look cozy and appealing. For instance, long lace or white gauze curtains will immediately bring an inviting feel to the room. If you have a couch, never hesitate to litter it with several crochet pillows.

Framed family pictures or even your kids’ school drawings are other cozy accents that will never fail to embellish any conservatory. And of course, you should make the most out of the liberal sunlight by placing some large potted plants or flowers near your conservatory windows. How to furnish and decorate the conservatory  A good idea would be to start a teacup garden or even a spice garden right in your conservatory. This will diffuse a lovely, homely smell.

For extra coziness, try to select some soft and pastel colors such as pale pink, blue, white, cream, yellow and beige.

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