Home and Décor Guide – Staying in budget

Redesigning and redecorating can be easily done by staying in budget. When working on budget it’s a good idea to do a market research before actually buying things. I personally prefer shopping during holidays. During holidays many things are available on half price. One can pull of an amazing deal during festive season. When redesigning and redecorating within budget you can consider face uplifting of your furniture, buying second hand furniture and recycling.

Recycling things is good for environment as well as its good for your budget. Instead of throwing all the old stuff out or giving in charity think about redoing or recycling your things. If you have old shelves and cabinets in kitchen instead of throwing them away, think about refurbishing them and changing them in to a funky living room cabinet. If you are recovering your furniture, instead of throwing away your old fabric, think about making new pillow covers from old fabrics.

Reorganizing and readjusting the furniture is a great idea when redoing your room. If you don’t like the idea of reorganizing and rearranging furniture; you can buy second hand furniture. To buy good second hand furniture you would have to go through old thrift stores and consignment stores. You will also have to find some garage sales. Many people sell their brand new furniture in garage sales, so keep your eyes open when looking for second hand furniture. You can also check eBay for second hand furniture.

Home and Décor Guide – Staying in budgetWho said you have to re-carpet your entire room, just because some areas on the carpet are dirty due to stains. You can buy rugs. Rugs effectively hide stains and they are great for warming up the room. You can buy fur rugs and can place them near the fireplace. Best part about rugs, they don’t cost a fortune.

Home and Décor Guide – Staying in budgetIf you are reluctant in buying new furniture or second hand furniture, you can add some hardware to your already existing furniture can do its face uplifting. You can replace legs of your sofas. You can replace door knobs etc.

Effectively replacing and redecorating your interior by staying in budget is not a big deal. One can easily do it by staying updated. All you have to do is, do a little research before jumping in to the market.  You should also compare the prices of different shops before actually buying something from them. Happy Redecorating!

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