Green and white kitchen ideas

Deciding on the Right Color Scheme for Your Kitchen

For every design trend that comes and goes, colors play a great role in the scheme of things. There are green and white kitchen ideas, black and white, or red and black. But that should not come as a surprise considering that applying a fresh coat of paint is probably the cheapest way to give the kitchen a makeover. It is also the quickest and most convenient. Although you need to choose the shades wisely, you do not need to knock down walls or dig a hole on the ground, which makes the entire project relatively easy and quick. green and white kitchen ideasSo you decided to repaint the walls and ceiling with trendy colors. While the prevalent shade in 2012 was gray with a touch of tangerine and a host of other color combinations, the year 2013 has set an entirely new palette.

According to the executive director of Pantone Colour Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, classic shapes and traditional styling will make a comeback but on a more up-to-date level. It is expected to take on interesting new directions, some of which includes:


This palette reflects the ambience and feel of the years gone by. It is reminiscent of the art deco area but with contemporary influences. This includes Chinchilla, Jasper, Moon Mist, Monaco Blue, Rio Red, and Tap Shoe. For a touch of glimmer, either Champagne Beige or Silver is used.


If you want a kitchen that exudes elegance and a sense of history, then this color scheme is the one you should choose. It combines monochromatic violets and orchids, Deep Mahogany, Beechnut, liquid Pink Nectar, and White Alyssum, all of which are reflected against Silver and Champagne Beige.

Out of the Ordinary

Once in a while a homeowner wants something different, quirky, or whimsical. If you fancy this kind of idea for your kitchen, then use paint colors that will draw lots of attention and provide extraordinary styles as well. Your options include Chocolate Truffle, Amber Green, Golden Rod, Bright Violet, and Rosebud, among others.


While color trend veers away from its predecessors, it does not leave it behind entirely. In this scheme, Tangerine Tango—which is the color or 2012, is still included along with Pink Flambé, Peacock Blue, and Solar Power.

Surface Treatments

If you prefer a cooking hub that is not only attractive to the eyes but to the sense of touch as well, then this palette is the ideal choice. That is because it brings inside the house the many elements of the outdoors that you would like to feel with your hands, such as the shades of the sea, forest, and air. Some of the hues to choose from include Birch, Fallen Rock, Vapor Blue, and Agave Green.

Because of the appeal of the great outdoors, you have decided to adopt Surface Treatments for your kitchen color palette. Without the fancy names, you can simply incorporate in your remodeling project green and white kitchen ideas and pull it off with finesse. But, considering that green comes with many variations, you also have a wide range of design options to choose from. What are some of them? green and white kitchen ideasWhen green is the dominant shade…

..Pick a theme that is inspired by nature. You can decorate using accessories with earthy tones like moss green or sage.

…Furnish the cooking hub with a table and chair set made of unpolished wood to bring the great outdoors in. However, if you add a wicker set, then you are setting the stage for a garden appeal. You can then finish off the look with a clear vase filled with fresh flowers, and sage green placemats and cloth napkins on the table. You can also create a café style design idea with a dining set made of a stone top and wrought-iron chairs.

…Paint the cabinets with a clean white shade. This combination is probably the quintessential green and white kitchen ideas. Aside from the cupboards, you can also purchase white appliances to keep the color scheme within the two combinations. Still, you can add a pop of shade here and there.

…Decorate with the gifts of nature. You can hang a plant over the sink; and add pots filled with herbs on the countertops or along windowsills.

When white is the dominant shade…

…Paint the cabinet and island green, and add a touch of gold on other areas such as the moldings and windowsills. The combination would give the ambience that autumn feel. Hardwood flooring in high gloss will bring together in harmony all the elements.

…Color the cupboards in seafoam green and then combine it with white floors and accessories. This is one of the green and white kitchen ideas that would always give you that refreshing feel, as though you just took a dip in the ocean, every time you step inside the room. For a touch of gleam, furnish the cooking hub with stainless-steel appliances. If you already have this kind of equipment, then you can definitely save a lot of money with your renovation project.

…Use green tiles for the backsplash to give the cooking hub a vibrant background. When set against a stainless-steel range hood and white island, your cooking hub will have that reflective effect. In addition to these, you can also use deep green on the countertops, a fresher and lighter shade for the accessories, and green-and-white polka dot upholstery on the chairs.

…Paint the cabinetry with Chartreuse and then combine it with a coal-black granite countertop. The mixture will lend a dramatic appeal to your cooking hub. In keeping with green and white kitchen ideas, walls and windows should be painted white. The flooring, on the other hand, can have sport a darker shade so long as it complements the entire scheme. green and white kitchen ideasBy keeping these things in mind, staying up-to-date with the color trends of 2013 would be easy. If you decide to stick to a simple paint job rather than a complete overhaul of the cooking hub, you must choose a palette that will match the existing décor and equipment. Doing so will keep your renovation budget low but with highly impressive results.

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