Greek Mediterranean home design

Greek Mediterranean home design

Greek Mediterranean home design

Greek homes are always very tastefully decorated. Bright, vivid summery colors are used, and this gives an instant cheerful demeanor to the house. Greek Mediterranean homes are quite easy to mimic, because they are not at all focused on matching furniture and color. In fact, the more contrasts you have, the better.

Greek palette

If you want a Grecian home, the one thing that you should absolutely adhere to is a Greek palette, which is a blend of blue, white, bright yellow and turquoise. Earthly tones such as brown, beige and ecru are mainly used for the floors and ceiling.

Greek Mediterranean home design

Floors, walls and ceiling

To reproduce a Grecian décor, you should opt for typical Greek flooring such as stone, terracotta or hardwood. Greek Mediterranean home design

If you decide to go for pale walls, then, by all means, go for dark-colored wood for your floors. On the other hand, if your wall paint is dark, break it up with a pale flooring choice. The key is to be pale and discreet in your decorating technique.

One of the most ornate elements in a Grecian house is the ceiling. They are usually very high, sometimes dome-shaped and always decorated in one way or the other. For example, some Greek houses boast of marvelous frescoed ceilings, while others focus on paintings and relief. While such ceilings might not be present in every contemporary home, they were most certainly at the very heart of authentic, ancient-Greek décor.


Greek homeowners are quite minimalist in their furnishing. But, while there is no excessive use of furniture, bear in mind that comfort is the key. So, go for the biggest bed and most comfortable couch that you can get.Greek Mediterranean home design

If you wish to mimic the Mediterranean feel of Greek islands, then, it’s best to go for white or blue furniture. For example, you can decorate your living room with a white couch, and then place some turquoise cushions on it. Greek Mediterranean home design  Pair this look with some gauzy white curtains and a yellow rug for a more pronounced island-like feel. 


Statuettes and large potted plants are the most commonly used accents in Greek Mediterranean homes. If you have a front porch and if you can afford it, then, don’t hesitate to build one or two columns for an extra touch of class.

You can also decorate your Greek Mediterranean with water fountains, window seats, fireplaces, iron planters, window baskets and candles. Since Grecian homes are big on balconies and terraces, it would also be a good idea to add one to the bedroom or any other upper storey room.

Greek Mediterranean home design

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