Decorating your home using shabby chic furniture

Shabby chic is relaxed and comfortable décor pattern. Shabby chic designs keep comfort at priority while keeping style intact. Shabby chic décor and design pattern uses vintage accessories to give your environment a unique style. Many different type of color pallets are used in shabby chic designs but mostly shabby chic design stay with in pastel color palette. Old lacey bed sheets and pillow covers, wrought iron beds, soft pastel fabrics, light  colored furniture, sheer curtains were considered out dated, but shabby chic design and décor pattern has revived all these things. Once again vintage designs are in fashion.

Shabby chic décor and designs have revived wrought iron furniture. Gone are the days when people used to think wrought iron furniture are out fashion, thanks to shabby chic designs, wrought iron furniture is back in style. Wrought iron furniture decorated with lacey bed sheets and pillow covers look out standing. Lacey bed sheets and pillow covers breathe fresh air in to the room. Wrought iron curtain stands along with sheer curtains hanging from them look spectacular. Over all the vintage effect of the room is outstanding.

Shabby chic pattern is doesn’t follow one particular style, rather it adds beauty to your room by balancing elegant and small things such as flowers, candles and lace. When decorating your room in shabby chic décor pattern, don’t forget brining in fresh flowers in to your room. Fresh flowers brighten up any room. You can have big crystal bowl on one of the end tables and you can fill it with water and floating candles.

Shabby chic design for living room suggests the use of silver accessories and decoration pieces. In vintage designs silver accessories were used as decoration pieces. When considering shabby chic designs, consider buying silver decorations from a vintage shop.

Vintage designs love white color. Shabby chic designs focuses on white colored furniture. You can paint your existing furniture white or you can visit some garage sales or flea markets to find out such furniture pieces.

Decorating your home using shabby chic furnitureVintage designs love floral patterns. In those days people used to love floral patterns. When going for a shabby chic design, consider big floral printed curtains and floral printed bed sheets.

Decorating your home using shabby chic furnitureIt is not really difficult to pull of vintage designs and shabby chic design pattern. All you have to do is look around in your house and you will get everything that you need to get your home transformed into shabby chic home.

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