Decorating your bathroom on budget

We all get excited after seeing the expansive bathrooms in the catalogues. Many home and décor magazines and catalogues present bathroom interior in such a way that it is breath taking, one would never want to come out of such a bathroom. But, such type of bathrooms are not cheap, they are pretty expansive. Besides it is really difficult to maintain such bathrooms. You need an army of servants and helpers to maintain your expansive sauna bath and Jacuzzi; besides such bathroom can become pretty impractical. If you work at a 9am to 5pm job, after that you have to do your home choirs; when would you get time to relax in your expansive bathroom? You can style your bathroom by staying within budget. Stay with us to learn more about styling and redecorating your bathroom in budget.

If your budget allows you to get new tiles, go and buy them instantly. Now tiles come in variety of shapes and sizes. If you plan to keep your old tiles, then you can try replacing the broken ones. However in the process of replacing the broken tiles you will have to search the market to try your luck. If you have very old tiles, then you might not get the same tiles.

Think about replacing your flush area, your sinks etc. in order to give your bathroom a brand new feel, you can think about installing a shower cabin. Shower cabins are great even for small bathrooms. If you don’t want to spend on a shower cabin, you can get a shower curtain. A colorful shower curtain will instantly lift the appearance of your bathroom. Try getting a shower curtain in bold patterns and bright colors. You can also use some indoor plants or even artificial plants in your bathroom, if your space allows. You can hang some paintings or frames in your bathroom. When choosing frames and paintings stick to the color of your tiles, keep things color coordinated.

Decorating your bathroom on budgetIf your budget allows, you can install a bathing tub in your bathroom.  You can choose a tub in contrast to the color of your bathroom tiles or you can choose a bright colored tub considering the color blocking patterns.

Decorating your bathroom on budgetBefore starting your bathroom renovations, decide a budget. Setting up a budget is really important else your spending might go overboard leaving a big dent in your pocket.

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