counter top stoves

Installing counter top stoves

counter top stoves can help to save floor space in your kitchen. Instead of having a full stove and oven appliance on the floor print of your kitchen, you can give yourself extra storage space by moving the oven to the wall and the cook stove to the countertop. When you install a countertop cook stove you should always consult the manufacturer directions.

Take measurements of the area where you will be installing the counter top stoves. A measuring tape will be your best friend as you determine where on your countertop you would like the stove to sit. The stovetop should have about 2 inches of clearance on all sides. In addition, you will need to locate the stove to the nearest gas supply.

counter top stoves

Trace a cutout for the countertop stove. Use a paper cutout (often provided by the manufacturer) to trace the opening required for the cooktop on the counter with a pencil. Homeowners with laminate countertops can cut the opening themselves. Stone countertops are best left to professionals.

Apply clear tape to the countertop, so it partially overlaps the lines drawn for the cutout. The tape will help to prevent the laminate from chipping as you cut it. Drill a hole in each of the corners of the traced template with a drill and drill bit. Once the holes have been drilled, use a jigsaw to cut the straight lines between them. Near the end of cutting you may need to have someone hold up the cut piece so it doesn’t fall and break prematurely.

Turn off the electricity and gas line if applicable. Before installing the counter top stoves the electricity and gas line should be relocated to the installation site if necessary. Flip over the cooktop to locate the gas supply pipe nipple. Apply a generous amount of pipe sealant onto the nipple. Install the gas regulator onto the nipple with a wrench. Once firmly in place you can connect the regulator to the flexible gas line extending from the wall.
Drop the new countertop cook stove into place in the hole and connect to the power. Screw the stove top in place with supplied screws (some units may also have additional hardware to secure the stove). Apply a small bead of silicone caulk around the sides of the counter top stoves and let dry overnight.

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