Cottage Kitchen Ideas

When you are looking for alternative ways of decorating your kitchen, one type that comes to the mind is the cottage-style kitchens. These are very particularly decorated and have some very specific features found very scarcely in any other kitchen. A cottage style kitchen reminds you of the life of farmers who lived in cottages, it has a nostalgic feel to it and creates a sense of historical style.

Cottage Kitchen Ideas

The most noticeable feature of a cottage kitchen is open cabinetry. The plates and trays are exposed, not hidden behind beautiful glass or modern cabinets. Instead the plates in a cottage kitchen can be seen at all times. This is one of the main features of a cottage that differentiate it from any other type of kitchen. Not just the plates are put on open shelves, tea pots, tea cups and glasses are also put on display in a truly cottage style kitchen.

The use of off-white paint may also give the impressions of a cottage kitchen. Off-white color adds elegance to any room and a cottage kitchen is almost incomplete without the distinctively elegant off-white color. Off-white color is a popular choice in cottage kitchens not just because of its elegant look but also due to its historical connection. The off-white color on the walls and ceiling of the kitchen reminds us of the olden days.

Cottage Kitchen

The cabinets in a cottage kitchen are usually painted with a plain color. The color can be off-white to give it an elegant and stylish look. Regarding the cabinets, another traditional feature of the cottage kitchen is beadboard design. The beadboard design is in fact straight vertical lines that are carved in a wood. If a cabinet is not painted with a solid color, you should look to go for the beadboard design for them. You could also combine both these and have beadboard design on the cabinets and then paint over it.

A cottage kitchen should give the feel of a cottage and large open spaces can help you in achieving this. A long dining table near a window with light coming through is a great idea to make the kitchen feel like a real cottage. This type of kitchens can include an eating area with a dining table and chairs.

Cottage Kitchen Design

Often times in a cottage kitchen, two colors are used to make a contrast. Usually black and white colors are used in different shelves and other parts of the kitchen which make them look more visually appealing and stylish while not rescinding the cottage looks.

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