Coffee Kitchen Ideas

Amazing Coffee Kitchen Ideas for the Home.

I love to wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Don’t you? For me, nothing else could perk me up better than a cup of black, unsweetened coffee first thing in the morning. But you probably have other preferences when it comes to the mixture. My husband likes it creamy, while my daughter wants it black and sweet. What is even better is that, now, I can provide more options with the variety of coffee kitchen ideas that I can choose from. If you are dying to do the same thing for your family, then read on and discover how to design your own coffee bar at home.

The Plan

Like any other construction or decorating project, you must have a plan as to where you want the coffee hub placed and how to build it. The first thing that you must do is to decide on the location. Ideally, it should be close to the refrigerator so it will be easier to reach for the ingredients. However, if it interferes with the work triangle, then look for a place where a mini fridge can be installed. The area should be at least 4 feet by 2 feet to make room for the espresso machine, coffee maker, and other bar supplies.

Coffee Kitchen Ideas for Your Home

Also, you need to determine whether you want to build custom shelves and counter space or use those that you already have. The last option is probably the least expensive. Just make sure that you do not sacrifice work areas for the coffee bar.

Storage System

Whether or not you designate a particular nook for the project, ample storage is necessary. There should be drawers to hold the coffee-making supplies such as stirring sticks, steaming pitchers, flavored syrups, and many others. If you intend to make a latte or espresso, you may want to buy a drink thermometer as well.

As for the mugs and jars for the coffee beans, you can have open shelves built. For coffee supplies to double as kitchen decor, you should buy fancy and unique glass jars or decorative canisters. Remember to label them properly so that anyone can play barista whenever you are busy or not around. Another idea is to install hooks where you can hang the cups. Line them up in rows to make it look very attractive.

Coffee-Making Equipment

Buy an espresso and coffee maker. When you go shopping, make sure to look beyond the aesthetics. Some machines make appear fancy and sleek, but they may lack the functions that really matter. And although you are likely to judge equipment based on the coffee mix it produces, you should be wise in making a choice. Space should be a major factor, especially if you have a small kitchen or you only allocated one of the counters for the coffee bar. In this case, pick an appliance that you can slot right in without the fear of it falling off when it runs.

Coffee Grinder Kitchen Ideas

Also, consider the mechanism. Should you opt for a manual, semi-automatic, or automatic? Make sure to consider your expertise in making coffee, as well as the convenience and speed of the machine. You would not want to be late for work because your espresso maker is way too slow, right? In the event that you do not have the funds to indulge in any of the fancy coffee kitchen ideas, you can always buy a used espresso machine. Be aware though that it is likely to have lime scale because it has been previously owned. You may have problems with the maintenance as well. As a solution, buy a simple machine that works and is sold at a competitive price.

What are other tools that your bar could use?

Roaster – How fresh do you want your coffee to be? If you want to do more than just rely on ground beans bought from the retail store, you can roast them right at home. The Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster, for instance, does the job in a snap. What more can you ask for?

Tamper – This is essential to get the perfect shot of espresso. When buying one, always look for a product that is durable and reliable. Well, you can get these attributes from the Roasterie Custom Tamper. With its long-lasting ability, it will remain useful even if you have already replaced the espresso machine.

Coffee Bean Canister – Your best option is one that will keep the main ingredient fresh and smelling good for an extended period. There is nothing better than The Roasterie AirScape Can as it forces air out, ensuring that you get to enjoy extra fresh coffee for more mornings than your fingers can count.

Coffee Kitchen Ideas

Most importantly, you must have a coffee grinder so you can make the freshest cup. It can be a part of the machine or a completely separate appliance. If you want to impress friends or guests, buy the Heart Bean Coffee Grinder. It is named as such because it works to the rhythm of a person’s heart beat! Don’t you just love it?

Cabinet Protection

Expect some steam where the machine will be installed. To ensure that your shelves don’t get damaged in the long run, protect them with tempered glass cut to size. You should do the same with the cabinets and counters. You can install the glass with non-slip pads placed at the corners.

Take note: Never place the coffee and espresso machine on the edge of the bar as it could fall off. This can cause serious injuries to you and your pocket. Aside from possible burns, you may have to buy a new one.

Coffee Kitchen Ideas Machine

Once everything is in place, make your first cup. This is the perfect way to test your set up and ensure that you have everything in order. Who knows? You may have forgotten about the milk or creamer with all the excitement in turning coffee kitchen ideas to reality. By the way, to keep your tongue from getting burned, remember to savor the aroma first to give time for the delectable hot beverage to cool off.

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