Cheap Ceramic Floor Tiles

What is wrong with cheap ceramic floor tiles?

Buying cheap ceramic floor tiles might save you money in the beginning, but cost you more over the long-term. Anytime you cut costs, you risk getting inferior materials. When you buy any material for your home, you should buy from a reputable dealer with a history of good transactions, such as a home improvement store. Even when you buy from a good dealer, you may still encounter certain problems associated with the cheap ceramic tiles.

Quality of Design

Some dealers that sell cheap ceramic floor tiles buy in bulk from manufacturers and receive a big discount, which lets them sell those materials cheaper than others. Other sellers buy seconds from manufacturers, which are the tiles that do not meet the standards set by the manufacturer. The seconds have minor surface damage or other issues that prevent the manufacturer from selling those tiles at retail price. You may buy tile that have off-center designs, misprinted designs and designs with slight discolorations or other issues with the colors.
Sizing Issues

Seconds from tile manufacturers may not fit the exact sizes listed by the maker. For example, the manufacturer might make tiles that are two-inch squares, but the machine makes a mistake and puts out tiles that are slightly off. When you bring the tiles home, you may find that you need more tiles than you originally estimated because of problems with sizing.
Substandard Materials

The Home Makeover Diva recommends using discounted tiles in bathrooms and entryways as opposed to kitchens. Kitchens have appliances and other heavy objects that might cause damage to the tiles when dropped on the surface. The discounted tiles may not be as strong or durable as full-price tiles and will not hold up to the same level of damage. Keep in mind that the tiles may have some minor damage when you buy in bulk, such as chipped corners or edges.
Other Considerations

Buying cheap ceramic floor tiles does not always mean buying seconds. You may find tiles priced cheap because the manufacturer discontinued the design and no longer makes that pattern. When you buy discontinued materials you risk having problems when it comes to home renovations. If the tiles become damaged at a later date, then you may discover that finding matching tiles is difficult if not impossible. Even if you do find replacements for cheap ceramic floor tiles, it may cost significantly more than you paid for the original tiles because of supply and demand.

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