Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

For a change of scenery, most people simply carry their plates and eat in front of the television instead of in the dining area. Unfortunately, you cannot drag the oven or stove someplace else if you want a change of atmosphere while you are cooking. And even with an open kitchen design, the view that you get may not have much of a difference. So if you really want to see something entirely different once in a while when you are preparing meals, then you should have an outdoor kitchen built. With the shift from the inside to the outside, food preparation and dining would be less boring and monotonous. Best Outdoor Kitchen AppliancesSimilar to the indoor cooking hub, an open-air kitchen still has to be fully equipped with the essential tools. Depending on the kind of cooking that you want to do, you may need to install an island, sink, stove, and even a refrigerator. You should also provide seating if alfresco luncheon or dinner would be a regular affair.

When it comes to design and construction, an outdoor kitchen also comes with a variety of styles. It can have a roof overhead or just a pergola. The cooking station is sometimes left fully exposed, while the tables and chairs are set underneath a shade umbrella or tent. How it will be built also depends on the kind of furniture pieces that you will use. If they are not resistant to the elements, for instance, then the outdoor cooking area would have to be shielded on all corners to protect the furnishings.

However, what an alfresco cooking area should not do without are the appliances. If nothing else, it should have at least a barbecue grill. Then again, if you prefer something more sophisticated and functional, then you must provide some of the best outdoor kitchen appliances such as the following:

The Grill

It is considered the heart of any barbecue event or cookout, which is why it usually serves as the basis around which the rest of the cooking hub will be built. You have the option to buy one off the rack or have one custom-built according to your needs and preferences. You can also have the grill integrated to the overall design by having it encased with decorative stone. Best Outdoor Kitchen AppliancesThe Sink

So maybe it cannot be considered an appliance, but it is essential equipment nonetheless. Without it, cooking outdoors would be tedious because you might have to go to the indoor kitchen to wash food items, utensils, and everything else that you will need for the barbecue party.

What are some of your options?

There are practically many inexpensive sinks that you can choose from. While a stainless steel sink is a practical and durable choice, stone-style vessel sink is becoming quite popular and is making a trend. Whichever you choose, make sure that it is properly hooked up to the house’s water supply or that a plumbing system is built specifically for your outdoor sink.

The Refrigerator

A small one will do, especially if you only need to use it once in a while. Still, no one could tell you not to buy a big one, if you so desire. Although there are refrigerators built for the outdoors, you can steel opt for an indoor type as long as it is made of stainless steel. That way, it will be protected from the elements.

The Pizza Oven

Adding this may seem extravagant, but your children would probably beg to differ. Who does not love an oven-baked pizza, anyway? And despite it being a hefty gourmet appliance, encasing it with masonry or thick steel would definitely add appeal to your outdoor cooking area. You can choose between gas and wood-fire pizza oven as both are quite popular these days. Of course, you have to know that the latter would require a steady supply of hardwood if you plan to make a large batch of pizzas. Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

The Ice Maker

A built-in ice maker would be perfect for summer gatherings. You can either buy a refrigerator that comes with the appliance or settle for the stand-alone kind. Either way, ice that would be ready in a matter of minutes definitely makes the ice maker one of the best outdoor kitchen appliances. This also spares you from having to buy ice from the store or overworking your fridge to make it.

The Beer Dispenser

Entertaining guests would be incomplete without the kegerators. It is a device that chills and dispenses beer at the same time. Even if you are no beer lover, your guests would definitely appreciate your knack for being prepared with an endless supply of ice-cold draft beer. With overflowing booze, it is just a matter of time before every one of your guests starts to loosen up and have fun.

The Patio Heater

While this cannot be used in preparing meals, it will make alfresco dining more cozy and warmer because it will add 10 degrees to the ambient temperature of the outdoors. This will surely encourage family and friends to linger and spend more time talking over food and drinks. Be aware though that this is only useful when the temperature is between 50 and 60 degrees. But you probably would not attempt to dine outside when the weather is icy cold.

Some of the units available include the tabletop model that is just three feet tall, making it easy to move from one area to the next. Another type is the freestanding or post-style heater, which reaches up to eight feet and four times bigger than the tabletop model. Both of these are dependent on fuel, such as natural gas or propane. If you prefer something eco-friendly, opt for electric heaters instead.

Best Outdoor Kitchen AppliancesThese are just some of the best outdoor kitchen appliances. If you prefer the cooking area to double as an outdoor theatre, consider adding audio and video equipment, such as a flat screen TV, surround speakers, and game consoles. But even without theentertainment gadgets, adding the electronics and tools listed above will make a great open-air cooking hub.


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